Cowboy Express Car Wash Services

Looking for a speedy high, quality car wash?
Look no further – Cowboy Express offers a deep clean for your vehicle to get it looking its best!
You'll be amazed at how great your automobile will look after we're done.
Check out all the amazing services we offer below!

Car Wash Packages

When life gets hectic, and you need a quick car wash, choose Cowboy Express!
We've perfected the art of speed washing – you'll get that new car shine without spending hours in line.
No matter your needs, we have a package that you'll love!

Cowboy Up

Our Cowboy Up package has the best value, with an unlimited pass for only $34.95 a month vs. $20 per single washing.
This wash provides an in-depth clean for your car and tires and a clear coat protectant to keep it looking fabulous. The best cleansers and waxes are used in this deal.

Wild West

This package deal gives you a deep clean for only $26.95 a month vs. paying $15 per single washing. Although it has fewer add-ons than the Cowboy Up deal, you can still expect a thorough cleaning.

Let'er Buck

If you're on a budget but still want some extra perks, such as the wheel cleaner and Foam UV protectant, this deal is for you!
You get an unlimited pass for only $19.95 a month vs. $12 per single washing.

Pony Express

Not interested in all the extra frills and only want the meat and potatoes?
The Pony Express is the perfect package for you! With this deal, you get the basics for a super low price of $16.95 a month for unlimited access vs. paying $8 per single washing.
If you like what you're hearing, you'll love some of our additional services listed below!

Dash & Glass Cleaner

If you have small children, you know how challenging it is to keep your windows free of sticky little fingerprints.
Bring your car to us, and we'll remove any fingerprints (or paw prints if you have pets) you may have on your windows.
We also clean dashboards for a sparkling finish.

Ceramic Coatings

At Cowboy Express Car Wash, we offer ceramic coatings to help protect your automobile's paint from bird droppings, dirt, and grime.
Your vehicle will repel stains and look great for many years, keeping the paint job in excellent condition.

Tire Shine

What good is a shiny, clean vehicle if the tires are dull and filthy?
With our tire shine services, you never have to worry about ugly, dull tires because we use the best tire shine products on the market.

Free Bottle & Towels

As a cherry on top, we provide a free bottle and premium towels for your convenience!
It's an added perk you get when you sign up for one of our packages. 
Consider it our way of showing you gratitude for doing business with us.


Why Cowboy Express?

We're committed to delivering fast and fabulous results to our customers. You can expect the following when you sign up for our monthly car wash service:
Unlimited Washes. Full service cleaning any time you need it.
One Low Monthly Fee. No hidden charges of any kind.
No Long-Term Contract. Stop your service any time you want, no questions asked.
No Cancellation Fees. Just outstanding monthly service for as long as you want it.

Sign Up for One of Our Car Wash Packages Today!

When life gets busy, rely on Cowboy Express to keep your vehicle looking its finest.
We strive to provide loyal customers with the best car washes using top-notch cleansers and techniques, so you can get back to your schedule without missing a beat. Visit our website today to sign up for one of our terrific car wash deals!