About Us


About Us

At Cowboy Express Car Wash we pride ourselves in having a team of experts with years of experience in the industry to bring the best possible service, equipment and experience every time you enter a Cowboy Express Car Wash!

Here it from one of us!

“Hi, I am Patrick Massie, Director of Operations for Cowboy Express
Car Wash! I plan to help grow the brand and awareness of this company through exceptional service that we provide by bringing my knowledge of the industry and my experience to the table. We At Cowboy Express Car Wash believe in superior service to our customers! We pride ourselves on our dedication to you for years to come!”

Our team consists of Texas locals who grew up in the western industry. You will be talking with real people each time you require assistance or have questions about our car wash.  We stand firm with doing things right, standing by our word and
sealing deals with a handshake. You could call it old school, but we prefer the Cowboy Way.

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When life gets busy, rely on Cowboy Express to keep your vehicle looking its finest.
We strive to provide loyal customers with the best car washes using top-notch cleansers and techniques, so you can get back to your schedule without missing a beat. Visit our website today to sign up for one of our terrific car wash deals!